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Adapted Physical Education

The following classes are listed as Educational Assistance Courses offered and supported by both the Student Accessibility Services department and the Kinesiology department.

All classes listed below have the following Course Pre-requisite:

Students need written verification of a disability and an Adapted Physical Education health verification medical referral form provided by a physician, on file in the SAS office and on file with the instructor, prior to the first day of class.

For Credit and Transfer: APE classes-Area E - Lifelong Learning Self-Development:

APE-056E - Adapted Weight Training - Students with disabilities will learn how to improve muscular strength and conditioning. Students will learn adaptive weight training skills and techniques, and how to utilize specialized equipment to enhance muscular strength, muscular endurance, and general fitness.

APE-030E - Adapted Fitness for Life - Students with disabilities learn how to improve general fitness levels, improve muscular strength, and improve cardiovascular endurance.

APE-053E - Adaptive Low Impact Walking/Jogging for Health - Students with disabilities are introduced to the benefits of exercise through walking and jogging and to the principles of exercise which will increase cardiovascular conditioning, endurance and flexibility. Adaptations will be integrated per the disability.

Non -Credit Classes (these classes are not transferable) but are repeatable

APE 500 - Adapted Body Conditioning - Students with disabilities will participate in personalized exercise programs created to focus on strength training, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. Emphasis is on encouraging independence through the teaching of lifelong fitness skills.

APE 501 - Adapted Low Impact Swimming for Health- This course is designed for students with disabilities. Personalized programs will include instruction in water safety, aquatic exercise and basic swimming skills. Programs will address the limitations of individual disability. Emphasis is on encouraging independence through the teaching of lifelong fitness skills.