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SJCC Athletics is a member of the CCCAA and is comprised of ten intercollegiate teams; Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Men’s and Women’s Cross Country, Men’s Golf, Football, Softball, Women’s Volleyball, and Men’s and Women’s Track and Field. Each sports in general spans the length of 1 semester, except both men’s and women’s basketball team whose schedule is split between the Fall and Spring semesters.

Jaguar Athletics strives to provide an environment conducive to student learning. We are proud of the fact that our athletes generally function at an overall higher success rate (87%) than do the general student body (75%).

Athletics Aligns With Our College Mission

Athletics aligns with the overall mission of the San Jose City College for many reasons. To begin, our goal is to offer the highest and most innovative level of coaching we can provide for the students. Given the parity among the students that generally attend community college, and participate athletically, the difference between success and not winning often depends on the level of coaching, and the ability of coaches to use innovation as a basis for what they teach. Second, the majority of our students aspire to transfer and compete athletically at a four year institution. Athletics is ideal way for student-athletes to get interest and opportunity at four year institutions that they would otherwise not receive any interest from. Third, athletics is the ideal dynamic to teach students life lessons. Athletics is a teacher of winning, losing, team-work, and preparation. Athletics has provided to most athletes some of their most joyous moments, and some of their most challenging moments. All of which can be stored away and used as lessons for another moment in their life. “Life-Long Learning”. It is those very skills that our staff and coaches are able to impart to our young people, and at the same time, supporting the College’s mission.

Athletics Contributes To Our College Vision

One of the unique qualities of working in athletics is the various personal growth areas that participating in athletics inherently brings out. We provide an unmatched opportunity for growth, inquiry, and evidence. There are not many other fields in which a group can be united for a common cause (growth). The ability to compete against other teams and gauge your efforts against competitor’s efforts (inquiry); and the ability to re-evaluate your plan based on the outcomes (evidence). The characteristics described within the SJCC vision statement are all inclusive of the life and soft skills that are earned as a result of athletic participation.